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Call to mothers who have difficulty connecting with their babies

Call to mothers who have difficulty connecting with their babies

This call was opened on 2 June 2018 and is still open to participation of mothers who have this problem.


Raising awareness about this problem
To provide better service
Ensuring that mothers support each other in current challenges
Encourage mothers to research on the subject and keep them informed of developments.

By participating in this call, allowing your name or a nickname of your choice to be added to the list of mothers with this difficulty is an important contribution to achieving these goals.

The essence of the subject:

Approximately 1% of mothers cannot develop a loving relationship with their newborn, but instead, with irritating impulses, may feel anger, hostility, even hatred and anger towards their babies. This causes a great deal of agony, and for them it is just a mood they want to forget.

This is seen in many mothers around the world. Difficulty bonding with baby, Afro Caribbean; Caucasian; Hindu; Japanese; New Zealand Indians; It has also been reported in Pakistani and Sikh mothers. We also know that it causes anxiety in Egypt, Mexico and several European countries.

However, this issue is not well known to mental health professionals. In fact, this mental state is not mentioned in the International Classification of Diseases systems. As a result, since mental health workers are not aware of this situation, mothers do not ask questions about this issue, therefore, an appropriate diagnosis cannot be made and effective treatments cannot be provided. Many mothers believe that they are only suffering from this condition, and most mothers suffer without knowing that they are completely cured without or with help.


The persons participating in this call are not required to clearly identify their identity. It is sufficient for the mothers who want to support this call to reach the given address. (I.f.brockington@bham.ac.uk). Mothers who wish can use a pseudonym. for example, like an angel from Turkey.
In no document issued in accordance with this call, the name of any person participating in the call will not appear directly, but one person (Ian Brockington for the time being) will know the identity of the members. There are two reasons why this is done. One of them is the ability to send a newsletter to people once a year; the other is to be protected against weak possibilities, such as when someone says that we produce names.
To avoid the risk of hacking, this list will not be kept on a computer, it will be locked and inaccessible.
No member is required to participate in support or research.

Each member will receive a free information bulletin once a year.